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Interior designs to match your wall colours


So, you’re thinking about redesigning your home, but where should you start? Although everyone’s design process is different, it is important to organise your home in a way that flows – both through the space you've got to work with and the individual style you carry.


We believe that matching your personal tastes with your wall palette comes with incorporating a few simple steps. So, we've put them together to help you kickstart your project without any hassle.


Follow the golden rule


When it comes to designing your home, one of the most important steps is to follow the 60-30-10 rule. This rule is all about dividing your colour scheme into percentages for your chosen shades. The figure 60 represents the main colour you will use in your scheme, and usually applies to the wall paint, floor colour and one or two furniture pieces.


Your secondary colour should be 30% of your colour scheme, with half the saturation of your main colour. This tone should also be a contrast to your main one, creating depth in your overall look.


Finally, your accent colour should make up 10% of your colour scheme, acting as a contrast and a way to draw attention to your décor. An example of the 60-30-10 rule is a space featuring a balance of 60% grey main colour, 30% light blue secondary colour and 10% pink accent colour.


Match your furniture with your walls


Although it may seem daring, matching your pieces with your wall paint is a nifty interior design trick. Your palette acts as the core of your home, so it’s important to pick the right shade for your space. If you choose one that works well with your surrounds, you can easily mix and match your décor to suit.


However, before you start picking all of your furniture in the same colour as your walls, there are some important things to remember.


Firstly, you need to think of how the individual hues make you feel. If you pick a harsh colour, like red or orange, it may make entice negative emotions. Likewise, you should also try out different shades of your chosen colour before you make up your mind – a different shade of furniture may work better than perfectly coordinating the colour to your home.


Try working with neutrals


If you want to try matching your wall paint with your interior, but you don’t want to take the plunge, why not try working with the neutral colour trend? Not only are these subtle tones always on-trend, but they also carry that elegant, classic look that works in any home or space.


Most neutral colours also have various shades for you to choose from, offering you plenty of variety to experiment with. If you go for this option, though, we suggest starting with bigger pieces in your chosen neutral tone and then adding in smaller items in a statement colour, creating the perfect balance.


Get in touch with the W and M Painting Services team for more assistance on your project.