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Top 5 paint colours that will make your house look new again


As one of the easiest and most affordable ways to revamp the look and feel of your home, painting your rooms in an array of gorgeous on-trend colours can't be beat.


Every year, interior designers and colour specialists recommend a new selection of hues that will bring your house interiors up to date and create a fresh, contemporary mood to your surroundings. And while you don’t have to change your walls every year, if you’re feeling a little lacklustre a quick paint job can make the world of difference.


So, what are the go-to colours for the next twelve months, according to the experts? Here’s five of the best:


  1. Inky blacks. For the last decade, crisp, bright whites have ruled the show when it came to interior styles. This year the tables have turned with an injection of darkest hues – caviar, nightshade, ink, charcoal and ebony. Sleek, moody and sexy, you can treat black as a neutral: it goes with every palette and adds a sense of drama to any space. Contrast it with white, and you have classical heaven. Add it to pastels for the perfect retro glamour look. And if you’ve succumbed to the trend for grey on grey in recent years, inky shades are great for mixing them up a little.
  2. Lavender dreams. Purple is absolutely everywhere at the moment. Pantone called UltraViolet the 2018 colour de jour, and we see this rich and complex, shade adding depths to rooms all across the globe. The intriguing hybrid hue is associated with spirituality and royalty, which seems like a perfect mix for our time-stretched world. Romantic yet elegant, lavender is a gentler take on the trend, adding a soft, washed sweetness to modern designs.
  3. Rosy hues. Rapturous, dusty rose and smoky quartz rework the ubiquitous millennial pinks we’ve seen a lot of over the last few years into a neutral, barely-there blush that’s chic and restful at the same time. Warm copper and rose gold accents are also topping the trend list this year – mix with simple 1950s and art deco modern furniture for an understated yet glamorous look.
  4. Ray of sunshine. The colours on your walls can impact on your emotions, but the queen of happiness has to be yellow. Don’t go for an overly extreme shade of yellow – look for subtle, luminous hues that feel like a ray of sunshine to boost your mood every time you walk in the room. Mix it with white accents for a crisp, lively look or add in some black for drama and fun. Grey softens and neutralises the look while purple is yellow’s complement in the colour wheel, so it has the power to bring an overly yellow room back into balance.
  5. Statement turquoise. Not for the faint-hearted, this vibrant, dynamic shade puts some fun into your interiors. Try it as a single statement wall for maximum effect – you'll feel like you're in a tropical resort by the ocean. Pair with black and white for an energetic yet sophisticated look or wash it down with dove grey and white for quiet spaces that recharge and revitalise you.


Not sure which hue to choose? Ask a professional painter! We’ve seen every shade applied in every interior condition and we’re here to help make your walls pop.