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Why wall paint is always better than wallpaper in the long run


If redecorating your home is high on your to-do list for 2019, it's likely choosing a new lick of paint or wallpaper is up there too.


However, like all renovating jobs, there are a few things you should consider before you jump into your project, like whether to opt for a wall paint or paper in the first place. So with all things considered, what are the benefits of choosing a fresh splash over paper alternatives?


  1. It's more affordable


First things first, wall paint is a lot less expensive than buying wallpaper. Different styles and prints of paper vary in cost, but in the long run, a paint job will always end up cheaper -- and your hip-pocket will love that.


By choosing paint, you can also opt for a professional in home and house painting to ensure the job is done consistently throughout your home, allowing you to renovate according to your vision. Beyond that, this method usually means a lot less maintenance in the long run and easier fixes when scuffs, marks or cracks happen to pop up.


  1. It's durable


Although paint can chip here and there over time, it's surprisingly robust at the core. Additionally, it's flexible, allowing you to use it in any room -- no matter the moisture level (such as in bathrooms and laundries). With wallpaper, you’re limited because you have to be careful about placement and areas you intend to use it in. It's not so good at withstanding high-moisture rooms, and the paper can begin to peel and bubble, making it a lot less aesthetically pleasing.


Got kids? Paint equips you with the peace of mind in knowing it will outlast the antics of those little hands, giving you plenty of opportunities to wipe them clean or repaint quickly, if there's a mark that won't budge or its become the product of your child’s latest art project.


  1. It's quicker to get done


There's plenty of other tasks demanding your attention for your renovation, so being able to tick off painting quickly gives you that little bit extra time to spare. As installing wallpaper can be a fiddly job, especially if you’re not really into the DIY scene, painting is usually the preferred option if you're running on a tighter deadline. On top of that, if there happens to be a  hiccup along the way of installing the paper, it usually means having to strip it all back and starting again – which is not what you want.


  1. You’ve got more variety to work with


While wallpaper boasts plenty of stylistic options and colours, paint gives you more opportunity to match your surroundings. From exact shades through to hues that pair with your furniture -- styling your interior often becomes less of a chore when you have more specific options to work with. Best of all, if you happen to change your mind down the track, it's easy enough to paint over that hot pink feature wall you once loved. 


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