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Things to consider when choosing the exterior colour of your home


Choosing a colour for your home is just as important on the outside as it is in the inside. When you finally snatch up that winning shade and it all comes together, there’s almost nothing more rewarding. Best of all, investing the time and energy into splashing around a new coat of paint can help in boosting curb appeal, and creating that much-desired look for your property. But with so many colour options to choose from, how do you pinpoint the right one for your vision? Here are a few handy tips from our experts.


Your new best friend: swatches

Swatches are the best way to see colours grouped together; it allows you to visually understand the importance of colour families and why some are more suited than others. This way you can purchase a test size of the paints and try them out for yourself, as the shade on swatches does sometimes look different when painted on the actual exterior wall.


Remember the trims

The trim is a vital part of exterior house painting, and people often forget how important this part of the matching process can be. When you are testing the shades, do not forget to check the paint on both sides of the house, the lighting will make a big difference to the end result.


Think historically

Understanding the age of your home (and the limitations perhaps set by your council) is essential. If your property is heritage-listed, you’ll need to set aside some time to research what colours will work best with the traditional structuring.


Style and flair

With exterior house painting, architectural style is imperative. The end-result should showcase a  nice flow from the front of the house, through to the backyard. A well-thought-out colour scheme that translates all the way through the property can make a difference to the overall look and feel.


Consider your surroundings

Nature is a great place to take inspiration from. Think of your surroundings and use them as a baseline for your palette. Are you in the countryside or are you located by the beach? Are you in a bustling city neighbourhood or a quiet cul-de-sac? When envisioning how the paint will look, consider how all the elements around your property will impact the final result.


Think about the neighbourhood

Does your neighbourhood have a theme happening? Will your new colour scheme fit into the community and crowd?  While it’s important not to look same-same, you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.


Taking in the elements

Think about the permanent fixtures of your home, including the items that will not need painting – such as gutters or air conditioning units. Ensure that the colour you choose does not accentuate fixtures that you are trying to hide the most.


Durability of  paint

It’s important you use a quality product to complete the job unless you want to find yourself repainting the house more often than not. If you’re ever unsure about the best way to approach the task, we highly recommend enlisting the help of a professional painter – like those in our team.

Okay, now that you have your checklist in hand, it’s time to take the brushes out.